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Former Students

Taona Chithambo

Taona received her Ph.D. in psychology from USC in 2016. Taona is currently a research investigator at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center. Taona’s research examines treatment outcomes for electronic interventions targeting the reduction of body dissatisfaction and eating pathology. She aims to develop web-based interventions that are amenable to widespread dissemination among individuals at risk for the development of eating disorders. For example, her dissertation evaluated the efficacy of a computer-mediated, dissonance-based eating disorder prevention program. Taona is also interested in how culture influences body image, eating pathology, and dieting decisions. In her spare time, Taona enjoys attending various book clubs and songwriting.


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Caitlin Smith Sayegh

Caitlin is currently a postdoctoral psychology fellow at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, in the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine. Her research focuses on motivation and treatment engagement in therapy, and medical adherence. She has particular expertise in delinquency, gang-involvement, child welfare, and transitional age youth with chronic medical conditions. Caitlin is a clinical scientist who strives to connect research and clinical work whenever possible. 


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Eddie Jones

Eduardo received his Ph.D. in clinical science from USC in 2017 and completed his internship at VA Pacific Islands Health Care System in Honolulu. He is currently a clinical postdoctoral resident at Kaiser Permanente – Vallejo in the Department of Psychiatry. His clinical and research interests include a) cultural considerations in psychotherapy, b) acceptance and mindfulness-based interventions, and c) intensive outpatient treatment.

Eduardo is an avid reader of psychology books. Some of his favorites include 1) Dan Ariely’s “Predictably Irrational,” 2) Claude Steele’s “Whistling Vivaldi,” and 3) Jack Kornfield’s “The Roots of Buddhist Psychology.”


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