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PSYCHOTHERAPY META-ANALYSESStanHuey.com_PsychotherapyImage

We are conducting several meta-analyses exploring whether therapy works for diverse cultural groups with mental health problems

  • See Huey & Polo (2008) for a meta-analysis of therapy outcomes for ethnic minority youth. VIEW
  • See Huey, Lewine, & Rubenson (2016) for a meta-analysis of gang-focused interventions. VIEW


StanHuey.com_culturalcompetenceCULTURAL COMPETENCE

We are interested in identifying what “cultural competence” is, and whether patients actually benefit when they receive it. Two of our current studies involve (1) assessing lay and professional views about optimal ways to adapt therapies for ethnic minorities, and (2) using meta-analysis to explore whether cultural tailoring enhances clinical outcomes for ethnic minorities.

  • See Huey, Tilley et al. (2014)  for an overview of theory and research on cultural competence in psychotherapy. VIEW
  • See Pan et al. (2011) for a comparison of culturally-adapted versus standard exposure treatment for phobic Asian Americans. VIEW




Across several studies, we are investigating the effects of programs for reducing antisocial behavior. We are also interested in the mechanisms through which these programs work

  • See Sayegh et al. (in press) for a study on ethnic differences in treatment resistance among juvenile drug offenders. VIEW
  • See Huey, McDaniel et al. (2014) for an overview of research on African American, gang-involved youth. VIEW


StanHuey.com_briefinterventionBRIEF INTERVENTIONS

We are assessing the effects of very brief interventions and online interventions for: (1) preventing eating disorders in college students, (2) preventing dropout from community-based youth programs, & (3) reducing academic dishonesty.

  • See Chithambo & Huey (2017) for an evaluation of two internet-based interventions for preventing eating disorders. VIEW
  • See Pan, Huey, & Heflin (in press) for an evaluation of brief interventions for depression in Asian- and European-American students. VIEW